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Dr. Amonkar Profile Dr. Ameya Amonkar is an Interventional Cardiologist with years of practice in the city of Thane and Mumbai. After a bright academic career which included earning the MD and DM in Cardiology degrees from the prestigious Seth G.S. Medical college, he served as an Assistant Professor in Cardiology at K.E.M. Hospital in Mumbai. He worked as Full time Consultant Interventional Cardiologist at the Hiranandani Hospital, Powai for 2 years. He is a visiting Consultant Cardiologist at several hospitals in Thane and Mumbai.


Dr. Amonkar is an expert in cardiac interventions including coronary angiographies, coronary angioplasties with stenting, complex angioplasties with the use of IVUS, FFR and rotational atherectomy, pacemakers and ICD implantation, balloon valvuloplasties and device closures for congenital heart defects.


Dr. Amonkar is trained in radial interventions (interventions through the wrist). He commonly performs both angiographies and angioplasties through the radial route which shortens procedure time,reduces local site complications an results in faster recovery to home.


Dr Amonkar believes that clinical cardiology lies at the heart of cardiovascular disease evaluation and management. Hence, he devotes ample time for outpatient evaluation and diagnostics like echocardiography and stress testing at the Centre. The Centre is well equipped to provide comprehensive out-patient cardiac evaluation and diagnostic services making it a one stop solution for seeking advice on heart disease.


AIHS Dr. Amonkar has earned the prestigious designation of "Specialist in Clinical Hypertension" from The American society of Hypertension and is the only cardiologist in Thane to bear this honour. The American Society of Hypertension is the largest organization of researchers and health careproviders in the US, committed to preventing and treating hypertension and its consequences. (Click here)


Dr. Amonkar has several distinctions to his credit. He was a part of the team that performed one of the first implantations of the "ABSORB"- a bioabsorbable stent in the country. He has worked with other colleagues in India and abroad in the treatment of complex coronary artery disease.


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